Saturday, September 02, 2006

Little Secrets for a Small Town

It’s been a pleasant last few days enjoying the surprise of seeing friends who bore the beam of joy with their little secret, a brief trip in their future, and some longed-for togetherness. We talked about the trials and tribulations of being a family and of the transitions they were going through, while we all enjoyed a dining-out experience. They talked about what they might do on the trip ahead of them, which they were anticipating with pleasure. They told a story of a recent incident that showed some of the strain they and their young people had been going through, but they had resolved everything satisfactorily and were looking forward to smoother roads ahead, since A. was spending a day with friends and BJ and SC could go to SF unattended and free. They thought a movie sounded good, maybe another chance to dine out. They had invited us over their table when we all realized we had come to the 2nd Street Diner for breakfast at the same time.

We were also out and about in town and ran into several people we knew, one of the joys of a small town, and we stopped by the house of other friends who were grandparents again, a bit of a surprise for them since it wasn’t due for some time.

We also got a chance to have a visit with TQ and LB on Thursday night and have a good time. So far, a good Labor Day weekend, no labor, except cooking up our eggplant beauty into a penne noodle dish for my wife, my mom, and my sister RC who didn’t even complain about my cooking.

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