Monday, October 02, 2006

Fall Settles in for the Season

My little camera got another outing this evening as I went out for a very short jog in the park to work out some of the kinks from yesterday's marathon. Yes, the body is sore, but the fall colors made up for that, and I took the little clunky digital camera out and took a few pictures. The photos gave me an opportunity to try out Picasa's new online photo album, and you can view all my evening's photos here.
One of my colleagues was out "catching the light" with a white door propped up in a field of wild yellow sunflowers, the bright red foliage of a tree standing behind. I envied him his camera. His resolution had to be better, but I like mine nonetheless.


Deana said...

Wow, considering the camera you are using, that is an amazing picture. If you like to look at cool photos, Nikon has some in the latest issue of Newsweek. They gave the new D80 to a bunch of people and had them take photos. The complete results will be revealed in 15 hours, 44 minutes, and 23 seconds (as of this time). You can see the countdown and view the photos by visiting Be inspired!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great pics, JN!! How cool to have a camera that you can take along for the run!


JN said...

Thanks! It was hard to take a bad picture, even with my bad little camera.