Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pheasants Falling, Moon Rising

Troops flew in from Alaska last night to try and turn the tide against the invading horde of ring-necked pheasants. We donned our orange uniforms and did our best to sort the soldiers from the civilians as we tromped through corn field and sloughs, blasting away at the roosters and letting rabbits, deer, owls, partridges, quail, and pheasant hens go, along with various little birds and assorted animals.
Then the moon rose on the way home and life was back to normal after the long walk through cluttered hallways of cornstalks and seedy clouds of cattail blossoms.


Anonymous said...

Hope the hunt went well. I can't remember the last time I was able to enjoy trouncing around in the briars and stubble fields of fall corn hoping to blast a bird or two. Now that I think back, when I was young I always ended up wanting to block so that I could read a book instead of having to stumble through mud, muck, and corn in search of some elusive bird that I did not much care for the taste of to begin with.


JN said...

We got a lot of birds, but we had a lot of guys, too. I enjoy the walking and the socializing, not so much killing the birds. I do enjoy eating them, though!