Monday, December 11, 2006

Surprise Visitors

With a big birthday coming up, I was surprised this weekend by some very welcome visitors, two of my kids and my daughter's number-one man. I had thought it was going to be a party with some friends here in town, but when A and C and C showed up, everything got more sparkly. The friends AND the kids AND the wife made the whole thing a memorable weekend. The wife got things arranged with some stealthy emailing and arranging, and Saturday evening was a fun time, with birthday cake, games, and lots of fun conversation and sharing. Sunday we took a long walk in the park, and then the three travelers returned home and DSU turned its attention to this fall's graduates. Excellent.


April said...

I'm sure glad we came down. It's always nice to see you! Enjoy the last little bits left of this half-century. :-)

Deana said...

I'm very glad for your emails, April, and for your willingness to juggle schedules and make the drive so we could surprise your dad. Now that you guys have the route and the memory of Lange's pie on your tongue, maybe the next visit will be sooner.