Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Most Systems are Go

Early summer is not warm up in Hyattville, Wyoming, where my dad's family comes from, but we're headed there anyway. We delayed the bike trip out that way until a snow storm had passed. I was ready to ride behind the plow, but brother thought it might be better done if my bike actually had treads on the rear tire, so, after a day of golf and swimming in Cascade Falls yesterday, we took the rear wheel off my Concours today and hauled it up to Rapid City, where the good boys at Powersports put a new tire on. A new filter and oil was in order, and after lunch at the Mongolian Grill, we headed home, worked the bike over, spent some time up on his little piece of heaven in the hills, and then began packing in earnest. The bikes are now ready to roll. Hyattville shows a low of 40 degrees tonight (colder certainly up on the mountain), but in the morning we're heading west, snowplow or no snowplow.

The wife reports fine times in Boston, including her succumbing to peer pressure and taking a boat into the harbor. What the heck is a duckboat doing in Boston?

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