Tuesday, July 10, 2007

1314 NE 3rd St.--Our Coming Address

We've happily signed the papers on a new address, which comes with a big house, a big yard, and several piles of wood for the fireplace. Check out the map here, and one of the photos here taken during the winter. It's got a GREAT yard, almost nothing for neighbors, a big screened-in porch, and plenty of room for guests and gatherings. I might have to take another shot at learning to play the banjo just so I can make the best of that front porch!


April said...

Congrats Dad, the place looks great! I'm looking forward to checking it out in person.

P. Block said...


Now, I know I mentioned via e-mail that the new house looks nice, an appropriate fit for your personality, I think. However, I did forget to offer my supreme moving abilities when it comes time to lug heavy things from the old homestead to the new. Having moved a total of 21 times since 1989, I have become somewhat old hat at this particular activity. I have been working on making the back strong, and am happy to assist in anyway you may need. Drop me a line.