Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bicycle Attacks Boy

So, I'm getting into my pickup, I've forgotten my power supply in the lab and hustled up to the school to find the lab locked and the whereabouts of that key gadget in doubt, and I begin to pull away from the curb when a cry goes out "Help! Haaaaalp!" but I don't see where it's coming from until I look over and this kid, a little blond boy about eight is yelling "HAAAALP!" at the top of his lungs like he's about to be eaten by crocodiles and I think maybe he's got a broken leg or something because he's lying there on his back on the sidewalk with a bike between his legs, so I stop the pickup and leap out, leaving my pickup in the street and asking him, "You okay?" while two other boys cruise up nonchalantly on their bikes paying him little heed, and the dying kid says nothing, thinking maybe I'm going to nab him maybe and/or his bike and fling both of them into the bed of the truck and zoom off while mother and dad begin to wonder, but I look him over thinking maybe his pant leg is stuck in the chain, but it's not his pants, it's his freakin' shoelace wrapped around the pedal, so I say, "Take off your shoe," which is easy enough since it's untied, and he says, "I didn't want to tie my shoe," and he slips it off and I whip it round and round unwinding the shoelace and hand him his shoe again and say, "Tuck your shoelaces into your shoe if you don't want to tie them." That's what I do. He's putting his shoe back on when I drive away.


Holli said...

You're a hero!!!
I've done that with my shoelaces way too many times.

April said...

That was one impressive sentence! I chuckled at this, but was also feeling quite sure that I engaged in dying-boy-esque dramatic antics in my younger days.