Saturday, February 02, 2008

Shanghai Surpise: Snow!

Our friends in Shanghai are reporting on their experiences with the recent heavy snows in China. From Chun (in blue):

Just came back from a one-week trip to Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province,which is one of the most renowned national parks and world relics in China. Danyan, Songmei, and Zhaobei went there too. We had even more snow there than in Shanghai. The blizzard, which was reported to be the heaviest in 50 years, blocked the highway and most flights were cancelled. We're lucky enough to catch a midnight flight to flee back home during the interval of two snowfalls. My heart is still fluttering with fear when I see how terrible the situation now in Hunan is from TV newsreports. The local government had to turn to the Army for help with the relief work and Mr.Premier flew there to investigate the situation.

The heavy snow, the falling stock price... we really need something nice to boost our spirits for the coming new year :) . Kids are quite happy with the snow. They rarely see so much snow in Shanghai. We made a snowman yesterday.

And from Bei (in white):

Yes, we did have a lot of snow this year in Shanghai as well as in the other parts of China.It causes many trouble since the traditional Chinese New Year is around the corner. Many people can't go back to their hometown to have family reunions.
I always like snowing because actually I was brought up in the northern part of China with my grandparents.

And from Cuiping: There is a lot of snow in Shanghai and the other peripheral cities this winter, which is rare in meteorological history in China. Maybe you know that the Chinese traditional Spring Festival (Feb. 7.) is approaching now, so millions of poeple working outside their hometown are eager to go back for their family reunion. They are now hindered by the heavy snow on the way home for several days. Despite a lot of snow these days, it melts quickly as soon as it falls down. So it is muddy on the roads and people here somewhat hate the snow.

So there you have it, a variety of responses, with commentary. It's clear that this area of China isn't accustomed to snow, with many people relying on bicycles to go to work. It comes at a bad time as well, with a big percentage of people on the road. I wish them well. My friends who plan to go to China this summer wish that some of the snow could be kept for summer, when its cold would be welcome.

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