Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Zombie

It's a good thing the Olympics only happens every four years. Otherwise, I'd never get anything done but wearing down a Birds Nest-sized spot on the couch in front of Olympic coverage, looking at online videos of Olympic events, and checking final standings on the news. Just finished is the qualifying for the 1500 meter final, where I once dreamed of being myself when I was a hopeful 18-year-old miler. Too bad for American hopes in that 1500, as both Americans failed to make the final, including Bernard Lagat, who was arguably the favorite.

It's my favorite of the two weeks, once the track and field events get started. Who doesn't love to see a guy like Usain Bolt charge away from the field and make setting a world record look so easy?

Then again, we have to say goodbye to the swimmers and the gymnasts.


Holli said...

Beach volleyball has always been the winner for me. I definitely got into swimming this time around and it's been fun to watch really a lot of events I normally wouldn't be into! U-S-A! U-S-A!

JN said...

I get a little exercise just from watching the gymnasts, especially the ones last night on the beam and the high bar. Yowch! And in the hurdles. Ouch! It's like the Olympic version of Wipeout. But there's nothing painful about that Shawn Johnson smile.