Monday, September 22, 2008

Old House Photos

Sue Larsen in town has sent me a pair of photos of our house.  Judging from the size of the trees and other details, I'm guessing they are from the 70's.  The big bush on the corner of the porch is gone, and the tree at the end of the sidewalk is much larger, but the back porch appears to already have been built.  Cool!  Thanks, Sue.  


deana said...

Remember that there was just an old side step/porch along the west side. If it is in the 70's, I think that is the old porch, not the new one yet.

JN said...

Maybe Francis or Nancy will elaborate???

JN said...

Here's a note from McGowans:

I saw the old pictures of 1314 on your blog. A little history on the porch off the dining room. When we purchased the home, there was a small porch and entrance on the west side off the dining room similar in style to the current front porch. Thus the sidewalk that goes out to the west from the three-season and the walk from front sidewalk along the west side. Phase one was to remove the steps and add a 3' lower wall round it and screen above. Phase two was to remove the porch completely and build the structure that now exits except it was all screened and we wrapped it in plastic sheeting and lath each fall.
Phase three was to remove all the screening and replace it with the three-season windows. Along the process there were a couple of fiber-glass roof replacements and new carpeting.