Thursday, March 19, 2009

Several Good Things

In a busy, stressful day yesterday, there were several good things.
  • The wife made me a good salad for lunch--leafy veggies, chicken, feta cheese, almond slices, salad dressing.
  • I got in a good, 4.5 mile run at a relatively snappy pace.
  • On the run, I saw a donkey in the road, rolling back and forth in the gravel, dusting and scratching his back. I remembered my dad, who claimed that you could tell the value of a horse by the way it did its rollover, backscratching. If it rolled clear over, it was worth twenty bucks. If only halfway, only ten. But if it rolled back and forth repeatedly, that was a good horse worth more.
  • I had a good talk with my son Casey for over 25 minutes on the phone.
  • I got to see that commercial for Hall's lozenges, the one where the drill sergeant comes roaring in as this woman is stocking freezers. I love the way she takes on a whole new attitude when he gets in her face, blowing him right back out of the aisle.

Makes me chuckle every time.

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April said...

Those do sound like good things! I went to the Burnsville Y to work out with Mom, and I got to hang out with Casey after that! It's not often anymore that he's home when I go over there, so it was quite nice! Glad you got to have the pleasure of his counsel as well.

Wish I could've seen a donkey rolling around... :)