Sunday, December 06, 2009

Being the Lampkeeper

We've got the tree and the lights up, last Friday after Thanksgiving when the weather was sunny and relatively warm (no need for gloves!), so we get a couple of weeks of holiday sparkle in the living room.

This morning I tried out what seems almost a magical little device, the Lightkeeper Pro. (Watch out if you click on the link here--you'll get the repeated sound of this little device doing its magic--very annoying. The videos, though, give a good look at what the gizmo can do.)

Basically, when you've got a dead section of mini-lights, or a dead string, you pull one dead bulb, hook the socket to the gun, and pull the trigger. When I tried it, the dead bulbs lit, I put in a new bulb, repeated the process, and voila! I had a fully lit tree. Sweet! It took about two minutes.

I got mine at Jones Ace Hardware here in Madison, SD.


caheidelberger said...

No way! How does it work?

JN said...

It pulses a magic pulse with every trigger pull, and the "shunts" that keep the whole string from going out when one bulb goes bad get back in line. Trouble occurs when the shunts don't provide backup; the gun gets them going again.

It's also got another function--it will, with beeps, identify a bad wire. How? Technological wizardry!