Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day in South Dakota

We took in some Memorial Day events in Howard yesterday, including the dedication of their new memorial in town complete with bronze statues of military personnel. The American Legion served lunch, and then it was off to the golf course, then a nice drive in the convertible on a beautiful day as the sun lit up the clouds.

I love this old vet's cap, and he was sitting next to me at the ceremony, so I took his picture. The one of the flag display is in Madison.


deana said...

I enjoyed listening to stories of my dad's (the one holding the U.S. flag in the third photo) and my uncle's (the one second from the right in the same photo) time in the service, the Marines and the Army. I love hearing new stories from people I've known all my life.

And I, of course, enjoyed spending the day with my #1 veteran and husband.

JN said...

That must be ME! I enjoyed spending the day with my number one fan.