Sunday, January 30, 2011

Food Fairies at Work Again

Egg Bake and Banana Muffins!
It's always a great thing when food arrives unbidden, like a pizza delivery guy who shows up with a steaming pepperoni you didn't order and don't have to pay for.  Okay, that's never happened to me--no free delivered pizza.  But food--good food--no, great food!--sometimes arrives at our house at unexpected moments.  It happened yesterday, thanks to our friends the B's, who knew we were hard at work all day on a house.  They've done it before, and, knowing these good people, I've got faith that someday, when we don't expect it, they'll do it again.

I hope they don't mind that we had the egg-bake and muffins not only for breakfast this morning, but also for supper last night.  Yum!  Thank you, B's!


Christina said...

So happy you enjoyed it! You both deserved a break, and if we were able to offer that in a "no groceries, no cooking" sort of way, then I am pleased. Hope your day is a great one! (and paint-free one.) ;)

JN said...

We had a great day, fueled partly by banana muffins and egg bake. Thank you!

deana said...

The timing was so perfect. I had just suggested popcorn and apples for supper as I headed upstairs for a shower. Egg bake and muffins was so much better! Thank you1