Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Best Coffee in Seattle, Hand-Delivered

Tully's Coffee, Fresh from Seatlle
Our representative MB recently returned from Seattle, having researched and purchased the best coffee available. She's certainly to be trusted, a student of pharmaceutics at South Dakota State University, who knows a lot about the medicinal application of things like caffeine.   I think she may have had a good time otherwise, and there seems to have been a conference of some sort, but her primary mission, seeking and sampling the best the rainy city has to offer, has been accomplished.  And she brought some home for us!

The winner?  It's Tully's Coffee, their Full City roast, which they describe as smooth, spicy, and sweet.  Having checked out their website, I see they also have a Madison Blend.  Now isn't that curious?

It's great coffee! Thank you, Megan!  

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J said...

MMMmmm. Madison blend.