Sunday, May 15, 2011

Billygoats in the Yard? Voters say, "Yes!"

Okay, so 18 people voted on the goats-in-the-yard issue.  In an overwhelming response, 83% chose to support goats in our yard.  I was tempted to shift the language of the question to ask whether voters would want goats in their yard, but I didn't.  I'm sure that everyone would clamor for our goat(s) to visit once we got it/them.  Now, the results are not a binding vote, but rather an opinion poll, right? And, though the voters responded favorably to the issue, they didn't approve a budget for said goat(s?).  A quick search of the local goat-outlet shows some availability recently, but without an approved budged, it's only window-shopping there.  It's the Duin Exotic Animal Farm down in Iowa, where, instead of a goat or five, I could get some chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, horses, or turkeys.  No raccoons or squirrels.  We've got a strong supply of rabbits, thanks.  Now maybe if there were a rabbit-hunting goat, we'd be in business.


caheidelberger said...

If it keeps your grass short, Mayor Hexom should love it!

JN said...

If that's ALL it did, I'd love it too!

caheidelberger said...

Uh oh: looks like the city commission plans to formally outlaw your thoguhts about engaging in urban animal agriculture: