Monday, August 08, 2011

What I Learned on My Ride to Rutland

I got on my Trek road bike this morning and put in some miles in the cloudy hours, although today was such a good day, pleasant weather, that a ride any time of the day would have been pleasant.  No wind, no killer heat, no killer humidity.  I didn't learn much, but I'll count these things.

  • It's much nicer to ride when there are no dogs to knock you into the road.
  • A little sprinkle on the back end of a long ride can be a good thing.
  • You can't see much of the Carper corn empire from the road.
  • The row of junker cars up by the Rutland turn (including the old Cadillac hearse) is still awaiting rescue. 
  • Getting to the Rutland turn off County Hwy 20 is satisfying enough  without going into Rutland.
  • Filling the water bottle with ice cubes and then topping off with water is a good idea.  
  • It's good to have a nice road bike.
  • Keeping a 20mph pace is not easy.  
  • The downhill run to our house in the last quarter mile is a nice way to end a ride.  


Phil B said...

Sounds like an awesome ride. I miss my days, somewhat, of blasting out 20 to 30 miles alone along the highways and gravel lanes by Vermillion. There was something very zen about turning on some good tunes (something repetitive and droning - certain classical, jazz, or heavy metal) and just letting the scenery pass by. Of course, I always did this on my full sus MTB. People keep telling me I should get a road bike, but I kinda like the heavy old girl. Besides, I think I might squash a road bike.

JN said...

Yep, watching the scenery is my main gig. I've taken one ride with music, but so far (like I did for years with my running) I like the sound of the bike and the road best of all. Doesn't really matter what bike, does it? I hope you've got some good roads to ride, Phil!