Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coming to the End of Another Semester

Things always get a little hairy and busy at the end of a long semester, and the fall term has a special difficulty with Christmas nipping at my heels as I try to get all my grading done and the final grades in.  But I'm closing the gap now as I edge ever closer to the end point, and it's fun to see the result of the student work all through the 16-week period.  One of those things I can share is my students' work on some little informational videos we post on a blog site.  It's here:  http://compdsu.blogspot.com/

Sure, the videos are a little uneven, but consider the students put these together after finishing their long researched essay (some of which were condensed to the video text) and they only had a week to work on it.  Nice.  I'll keep doing it.

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