Sunday, January 29, 2012

Have You Seen These Movies? Not Likely.

We're lucky, in our small town, to have a movie theater with two screens, and every night they offer something to watch, at six bucks a head.  But I can't help but stop and notice when the two movies offered seem to be tamer versions of some of the popular films being shown elsewhere across the country.  How about taking the dragon out of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," so it's not so darned wild-sounding.  Doesn't a movie like "Girl with a Tattoo" sound a lot more like a small-town movie?  And rather than "We Bought a Zoo," how does "We Bought a Soo" sound?  That might be a little more controversial if you realize that some have, over the years spelled Sioux as Soo.  Sure, they just got the Z up there backwards, but it's interesting to mark the little things that make living in a small town so darned interesting.

(Just a little note here:  the bowling alley/lounge is NOT connected to the theater.  They just share the sign.)

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