Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Considering April and Olive

Wolfram Alpha tells me that little Olive, the new granddaughter, is one of 10,544 people alive today who share that name (1792nd most popular name), much more rare and precious than her grandfather (26th most common) or her mother April, one of 225,152 people with that name, but not quite as exclusive as her dad, whose name only appears on 458 people per year.  However, a rash of Chads in the 80's put that name higher on the common list of names among 39-year-olds, making it the 235th most popular names.  April is slightly less popular at 237th, with Olive among those most rare and strange, unless you're in your 90's, where the bulk of Olives appear to be.  I'm among the 3.7 million Johns in the country while the wife shares hers with only 19,515.

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