Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father-Son Roofing Teamwork

Here's a late note on one of this summer's projects.  We got a new roof on our giant porch, courtesy of son Casey Nelson and some hard work.  It turned out to be an easier project than I had feared, and it gave me and Casey a chance to connect over working side by side for a while.  We also got a chance to  cruise around town looking for stuff to gather from the city-wide cleanup (mostly bikes) and to knock down Grandma Rose's rickety shed in the back yard, helped by my brother Jim.  It was an excellent visit and I look forward to the next one.


Hugh Dinatale said...

A wonderful post indeed! Not only did you share the good news about your new porch roof, but also shared with us the good relationship you have as father and son. It's truly a great story to share---father and son, hand in hand over a family project, and bonding even tighter while they're at it. Good job, you two!
Hugh @ RoofXperts

Jere Leach said...

Reading stories like this really makes me smile. It’s nice how a simple roofing project can turn into a wonderful father-son bonding activity. It must’ve been a very remarkable experience for the both of you. So now, I wanted to ask if you’re up for another challenging project like this. You will definitely enjoy that one too!
Jere Leach @ Yancey Home Improvements