Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year's End

Here I am anticipating a gathering of friends at one of their houses to toast the end of another good year, many more of the years under my belt than most of them, including the woman who will accompany me.  The year has brought a number of blessings; good things keep coming my way, for which I am always grateful and hope to continue to be.  Thanks to all who are part of it.


John Nelson said...

Isn't that funny? The post above was my 1000th one! No fuss, no festivities, just an effort to get back onthe roll.

deana said...

If I'd known you were creeping up on your 1000th entry, I could have thrown you a party. Or at least toasted Horseshoe Seven with a Jager shot at the party.

And your belt still has a lot of wear left in it, so enough about age.