Monday, January 15, 2007

Putting My Zen to Work

MP3 players are often thought of as simply devices for listening to music, but my new Creative Zen asks for more. I've been listening to it during exercise, and it's much better for that than my iRiver H10, which is much bigger and doesn't like the jostling of exercise. The Zen has a radio, but like all MP3 players, it will also play any audio files, including recorded books and podcasts.
I looked a bit for some free audio books, and good people out there are supplying some, though not of even quality. I'm going to try out a collection of Chinese stories from Audio Books for Free.
The files aren't the best quality; you have to pay for the better ones. I would like to know how to listen to the great programs on Sound Portraits on my player. NPR has a lot of great podcasts for listening to, including peoples' stories on Story Corps and The Writer's Almanac. So, we'll see.

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