Monday, January 22, 2007

The Rise of Democratic Multimedia

YouTube has been getting a lot attention lately and not sharing it, but some see in that situation an opportunity for them to grab some attention for themselves. One site, OurMedia, offers the promise of more user-created content, and I look forward to looking at it further, but today it seemed a little overloaded. It's "The global home for grassroots media," and they've got a "clay and computers" group I'll look into. Another site, WGBH, offers their WGBH Video Sandbox, with free video clips they welcome you to download and use as you see fit. Need some video of a 1939 NYC street scene? Comin' right up!

The WGBH Lab is offering some opportunities for budding video producers. Check it out! Finally, while looking at these sites I stumbled upon the Open Media Network that offers high-quality, varied video for download and full-screen viewing.

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