Friday, February 16, 2007

Memories of Electronic Adventures

I wonder what will happen with our memories of playing computer games. There are scenes from screens that I remember, but they were isolated, individual, and temporary. Other people played Descent when it came out, and Myst, but when they entered the cavern with the dozens of enemy ships, or they put their hand on the transporting books, they were usually alone, much like reading a book is, but they don't get a chance to discuss those things with others. You can ask a person if they've read a book, and you can discuss that, but can you reminisce about riding the underwater roller-coaster in Riven? How is are these memories different from others?

I just wonder what people will remember from playing computer games, what they'll be able to share with others about all that time they spent (or are spending) facing an electronic screen. Actually, there will probably be a lot more to discuss and share than there will be from time spent updating pages and contacts on Facebook or Myspace. Maybe not. What do you think?

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Kevin said...

Great memories of transporting from one green, lush forest world, to an desert-like, barren world where there are familiar tools and puzzles, but presented in a different fashion.

Star maps on a ceiling--elevators hidden in trees--and never sure what's around the bend, or what will happen when you activate that lever.

The ability to develop a thought process and work all the way through a problem or puzzle without concern over being shot, blown up, or eaten by some strange creature from space.

A history lesson, time travel, archeology, mechanical engineering and a kick-butt mystery all spinning away on a set of CDs or DVDs...