Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not Just Any Other Day

For 24 hours (ten of them gone already), it's my birthday, so I get cool presents (both useful and not), get a chance to take goofy pictures of the dog thinking inside and outside the box, get good coffee you have to pay for, and get a moment to enjoy the simple pleasure of a sticky Santa on my coffee cup lid. More delights await me, I just know it!


Holli said...

That looks more like a sticky snowman. :) Yay for sticky things on coffee!
And Happy Birthday!

April said...

Happy happy (TWO happies?!) birthday Dad! I hope it's a good one!

JN said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! We got to eat good food and see a great movie from a great book--No Country for Old Men. Read the book and see the movie!

blockheads said...

Hope your day was great!

Happy Bday!!

From - The Block's

JN said...

Thank you, Block(head)s! Having your comment allowed me to link to your cool site with family photos. Thanks for that too!