Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

First we went to Spain, then to Kansas City, then to Sioux Falls (twice? three times?).  Today we went for a short run in Lake Herman State Park, then went to Howard, where we enjoyed lunch at Higher Grounds and then off to the Bechen farm.  It was also a good day for garage sales, and we picked up a little music box (pictured here), a 1963 model Wonderland Music Company radio-type thing that plays "It's a Small World" and has a little rotary-dial and a strap.  It works great!  A search of the internet didn't show me anything similar.  I hope nobody realizes it's the holy grail of Disney memoriablila and raids our house!  We'll entertain offers.  Send me a note if you find something, will you?  

Then we ate at our favorite Madison restaraunt, El Vaquero, to include a jumbo sangria which we shared, and then went to Pixar's new movie, "Up," a big pleasant surprise to both of us.  It was a great ending to our anniversary day.  

Thanks, Pixar!  Thanks too to the wife for six good years of married life.  


P. Block said...

Happy anniversary to you...My wife and I celebrated 12 years one day after your sixth. it is crazy how time flies. If I remember correctly, the sixth anniversary is the antique Disney memorabilia anniversary while the twelfth is the drive a thousand miles in two days anniversary.

Congrats on six years and here is wishing you all the best in the coming six.

JN said...

Congrats to you guys, too. Does it matter where you're going in those thousand miles? That's lots of close-up time!

Best wishes to you in number 13!

Mayo's news ;) said...

Hey you two! Happy anniversary, I didn't know it was last Friday... Well, I hope you're both doing fine...oops, Wally of course, too ^^ And I hope to hear sometime from you, have a great summer and enjoy yourselves, Anica