Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day Three on the Roofing Project

We got through two days of our roofing project without too much of an incident. The big thing today is the rain, which we weren't as prepared for as we would have liked. Things are buttoned up well enough now to allow us to relax a bit as the rain comes down.

Day one saw the wife and I on the roof as the father in law ran the forklift. We got some shingle-stripping done and put the show on the road.

Day two put the sripping in high gear, as Joe and Adam appeared from one area and TQ appeared from another. We got one whole section stripped by about 3:00, but then identified some real problems with the eaves, which stopped us, since the lumber yard in town had just closed. A trip to Menards in SF got the supplies needed. Thanks, Joe! Thanks, Adam! Thanks, Todd!

For day three, this morning we scrambled to put on as much underlayment as we could, got some tarps to cover the rest, and watched in the attic for significant leaks. This afternoon should let us get back on track, fix the eaves and start putting shingles on.

In the meantime, we've had a chance to visit with the B's for supper, with TQ and LB who stayed overnight, and with the Ryans, who had us and the Moose couple out for supper last night, where the sunset shone and the lake was pleasant. Life is good.

Check out photos of the roofing project here.

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