Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Pile of Shingles, a Roof in Need

It's time to make good on the promise to shingle the roof. I've got the shingles and the roof, and now I just need to put a plan into action. Now if I could just decide on a plan. Whichever action I devise, it will have to accomodate the significant height of the roof, a height that my hunky ladder cannot attain. Extended out to its full length, my big ladder will get me up to where I can reach the gutters (full of gunk and plants as you can see in the roof photo), but I'm looking at a big boom or fork lift to put me up where I need to be. More later.


P. Block said...

Having roofed a more than my fair share of houses, I would judge from the photo that you're looking at a 7/12 or 8/12 pitch on that roof. The steepness of the pitch and the height, being a two story with attic, I would suggest the following:

Get a lift to move the shingles from ground to roof

Strip the old roof materials and as you move down the roof install toe boards

Hang on tight

Wear plenty of sun screen

I do not envy your summer project, sir, not at all.

JN said...

Thanks for the tips, Phil! I've done quite a number of shingle jobs myself, P, so I know some of what I'm getting into. Never as high, but sometimes as steep. It's a 12-12 pitch, a 45 degree angle, so toe boards are a requirement, and the boom lift is on the way. It will have a platform we can work from. There are THREE layers of shingles up there, I think, wood, asphalt, asphalt. Yikes. Lots of tear-off. Expect more photos later!