Sunday, October 04, 2009

You'll Not See Nothin' Like the Mighty Quinn

He's no Eskimo, but this Mighty Quinn was mighty chilly after finishing his first marathon in St. Paul this morning. He and 11,000 other runners took to the streets at 8:00am to tackle the 26.2 miles that makes up the Twin Cities Marathon course, navigating the streets around the lakes and rivers that make up the most beautiful urban marathon in the US.
Yours truly, still nursing his roofing injury, was on the sidelines, viewing the race from the curb, zooming from point to point with my wife and his to catch Todd as he came past, racking up the miles, each one getting a little tougher. It's clear from the photos here that the marathon takes a lot out of a guy, but MQ hung in there and got the job done. Way to go, Todd!

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deana said...

Way to go, Todd! Congratulations on setting a huge goal and putting in the time and work to achieve it. The 26.2 miles yesterday are just the icing on the cake of the 400+ miles you put in training for the race.

Congrats, too, to Lea. Being the chief motivational coach during training and leading the TQ cheering section and support team during the race are laudable accomplishments as well.

For those looking for him in the race photos, TQ is the one in the green.