Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, New Journeys

This morning we head to Fargo, ND, where I suspect it's no warmer than here in frigid Madison, SD, to attend the wedding of my youngest brother Jered, potter and artist, and his wife-to-be Sarah Kobrinsky, poet and yoga teacher.

It's been a good few days, with family and friends, with yesterday bringing the in-laws Tom and Karen and the Nelson crew together, sister Rita and her husband Mark, sister Renee and son Dillon, and mom Rosemary, where we ate out at the Moonlite on the night of the blue moon. Brother Jim has been to town, and he and brother Jess will journey to Fargo for the wedding as well. Brother Joe will fly in and drive back, with Mom in tow.

We're looking forward to the ceremony, which will be the first Jewish wedding for some of us.

We survived the snow storm that dumped 18 inches on us the past few days, with more falling gently now as we get ready to hit the road. We're brave and will embrace the weather!

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