Thursday, January 07, 2010

Good Day for Uploading Photos of Jered and Sarah

Not much going on here but checking email and catching up. But it's a nice change from what was going on before, lots of busyness and people around, a good gathering of family and friends.

We traveled north to Fargo last week for the wedding of my youngest brother Jered and Sarah Kobrinsky on January 2. They put on a great celebration, with a beautiful reception at Sarah's parents, Nathan and Janeen, with Janeen conducting the wedding the next day. That night we all braved the cold to get to the zoo, where we rode the endless carousel and toasted the newlyweds. You can view more photos of the singing, dancing, and posing for the camera here.

Then we came home.

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Christina said...

Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful, and fun, event! Nothing like dancing, and riding a carousel to keep warm on a very cold night!