Monday, August 30, 2010

The Weight of a Good Party

We hosted a party this weekend for members of the College of Arts and Sciences at DSU, and it's a happy thing to have it be so successful that our lawn furniture just couldn't bear the load.

Folks from the old College of Liberal Arts and the College of Sciences, now combined into the one, have managed to come together. Since there's no college of engineering, or any of the "applied" arts, I'm going to have to remedy the old picnic table myself. No sweat. Unbolt the two-by-four, cut a new one to match, and bolt it back on. We'll be ready for next time!


Christina said...

Wow! A heck of a party, no doubt! The table is, I have to admit, a funny casualty. I can't believe the hostas survived, and the table didn't.

JN said...

Yep, both the hostess and the hostas survived, and the table is just on the injured reserved list, not out for the season. Sorry you weren't able to join us!