Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Kind of Float--The Beautiful Kind!

The work our College of Arts and Sciences team did over the past week on our Whack-a-Miner float paid off on Saturday with a "Most Beautiful" win at the DSU homecoming parade down Egan Avenue.  
We overcame various difficulties (a near decapitation of our Trojan, a dead battery, a runaway Ford pickup, misplaced keys, frosted fingers, water damage, spelling problems, etc, etc.) to emerge victorious!  It was fun working with my colleagues, especially Dr. Kurt Kemper, history prof and float-building guru, who was the fire that kept the pot perking.  

Our float featured helmeted miner heads popping up while a whacking Trojan, with shocking sword and shield action, pounded them back down (if you could just use your imagination a little).  

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