Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yet Another Race for the Old-Timer

This old guy has been running races for some time now, since that first 660 yard race over in Murdo that got my blood pumping as a junior high kid. How did I know then that my success in that race would goad me well beyond what feels good into trotting these creaky bones out of bed on a Sunday morning to race another 13.1 mile race? But here I am, with my faithful support crew (read--the wife) at the Sioux Falls Half Marathon once again. I was happy to see a colleague and various past and present students out similarly occupied on this cool September morning (the 12th).
The result? Not bad. 1:46:57, about an 8:12 pace for the distance. Now to prepare for the TCM, a race twice as long. Whew!

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