Monday, September 12, 2011

Four at the Forecast Saturday Night

Alfredo pasta with chicken
The Forecast Restaurant in Howard finally drew us in for dinner (now "supper" on the menu) to celebrate the father-in-law's 75th birthday.  The wife and I joined her folks and enjoyed four of the dishes on the menu.  Since I was running the Sioux Falls Half Marathon on Sunday, I wanted the hand-made pasta.  Rich and creamy, the pasta was very tasty and included a nice salad, as did all the other dishes.  I added the chicken.

The birthday guy ordered the braised pork belly, which we all tried.  The pork was tasty, but the cabbage and spatzle, a German specialty mini-dumpling, was especially good.

Braised pork belly with spatzle and cabbage

Chicken with red pepper coulis
The wife ordered the chicken with red pepper coulis, a thick peppery sauce, just a little spicy, with a good peppery taste.

Walleye with vegetables 
Mrs. Birthday ordered the walleye, after being told it was out, then hearing word more was ready (popular that night).  It came in a parchment envelope, steamy and cooked with veggies, just right.

New York style cheesecake with blackberries
Desserts were nothing to crow about, but all were very tasty, including the cheesecake, the chocolate mousse, and the lemon pie.

Chocolate mousse

Lemon pie
The folks at the Forecast are working hard to get it right.  It's a start-up, and I suspect some of the wait staff has never enjoyed the experience of dining in the kind of high-class restaurant the Forecast is aiming for.  I hope they get there.  The chef has the right touch, and he's working his tail feathers off to get it right.  

Get on over there and try the fare. Then let the chef know what you think of his work.

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