Thursday, September 15, 2011

Temporary Tomato Shelter

Tomato Yurt
Dire warnings were out last night for a hard freeze, which would have meant the end of the line for our gigantuan tomato, tomatillo, and pepper plants.  So, we took precautions, employing almost all sheets and blankets, pillow cases, painting tarps, and car covers.  Then, it didn't freeze, although it was 32 degrees when I came down in the dark this morning.  No worries tonight, so the temporary shelters will need to come down.  

We weren't the only ones prepping for a freeze.  A nippy drive around town in the convertible last evening (enjoying a TCBY "Waffle Cone Wednesday" treat) revealed others in town who weren't taking any risks with their tomatoes.


CassieMarie said...

Ours looked the same last night! So glad we didn't get a hard freeze! Brrrr!

JN said...

We tried to hold out this evening, but then the furnace came on. Somebody touched the thermostat!