Monday, April 30, 2007

Nature's Busy Nature

Weekend weather in Madison was the sort they have nearly year-round in places like San Francisco or on Maui, so it was a pleasure to get out and enjoy some of it, whether sitting in the stands at a baseball game, perching at the rail during a track meet, sitting in the back yard having a cold one with friends, cruising down to the TCBY for another kind of cold one, or enjoying an Irish breakfast with friends. Even cleaning out the cars on Saturday morning and mowing the lawn on Sunday afternoon for the first time were pleasant tasks. Yesterday a bike ride up to Ramona was in order, and the dune buggy is back on the road for another summer of cruising the streets. At least we don't, here in stodgy SD, have to worry about our commute over water or through fire and collapsing roadways.

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