Monday, April 23, 2007

Short Visit, Lange Ride Home

Besides the triathlon, the weekend included a great retirement party for the wife's dad Friday night, 1,400,000 miles after beginning with the USPS, no crunched cars on his record. Saturday morning came early, with a flat tire on the road bike and a wardrobe malfunction, and Saturday afternoon took me into the cities, where A and C took KC and me around the new neighborhood (starting Thursday). We got a start on packing, we enjoyed some retirement barbecue, and I practiced my fatherly advising. We all survived that, and Sunday brought more packing and hauling away of extraneous stuff. The new neighborhood looks good, the house is a good starter, and all appears well with the world. It was a meaty weekend, with a stop at Lange's Restaurant in Pipestone for some dandy dessert on the way back. Monday morning came early, and so will Tuesday.

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April said...

Man on man, Lange's has some excellent chocolate pie. You'll be glad to know that I got another truck load (which met with a few protests and removal of items from said load courtesy of Chester) of extraneous stuff hauled to Unique yesterday and our pile of boxes in the kitchen is growing exponentially (ok, maybe just additionally). I wanted to say thanks again for leaving the truck--it will make the next few days quite a bit easier.

I'm hoping on a trip down that way soon and some chocolate pie of my own!