Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Karmic Day

The program "My Name is Earl" has poor Earl Hickey trying to work off what he thinks of as a kind of cosmic debt by doing good deeds to undo bad ones from his past. Not a bad idea, but doing good deeds is its own reward, too, right?

So today I was feeling pretty philanthropic, spending much of the day working on a book for my Chinese friend Cuiping and her husband. It's a textbook for business students, and I'm pretty sure I'll never see a penny for the work, but it will be fun to see the book with my name on it. I hope I get a copy!

Then I got an email inviting me to come help work on a Habitat for Humanity house here in Madison, so I packed up my tool belt (so women might at least find me handy, if not handsome) and headed over. A good crew, headed by an experienced carpenter, finished putting up all walls so the house is now ready for sheathing and soon rafters and a roof. Pictures from Saturday's work are here. Work continues on Wednesday evenings, 5:30 to dark, Saturday all day.

So, I'm feeling those cosmic forces for good--sometimes you make your own luck. Sometimes bad luck finds you. It didn't find my daughter or my son, both living in the Twin Cities.

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