Monday, August 27, 2007

Overdue Update, With Photos

The past few days have been busy ones, what with moving two houses full of stuff into one, getting TQ shipped off to Aberdeen, getting the Liberty house ready for renters, getting the Catherine house ready for buyers (oh, please!), and getting the Big House ready for us and our guests.

However, we took time Saturday for a few hours out at Prairie Village, where the big crowds enjoyed perfect weekend weather after a wet early morning.

The pictures show the father-in-law reminiscing in front of the Winfred jail, where he spent a few hours after a Halloween prank as a teenager, him again teaching me a thing or two about Model T's (check out the cool carpentry setup on this rig!). They had the rails running, with a steam engine, a diesel unit, and a shuttle car working. Also, crafts galore were offered. Mother-in law found a chair she liked. The last shows the wife whose day at school couldn't be complete without yanking some wallpaper off the new house.

Now, tomorrow is a new day, with me leading the faculty meetings, hoping to remember the names of MOST people.

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