Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coming Up!

Tomorrow we're hosting a little get-together for English majors and faculty, and I hope things keep the right balance between raucous and genteel, rowdy and urbane. Somewhere in the middle is best for me. Look for pictures here tomorrow or soon after.

I've also got some other things going on. DSU, lead by our own Dan Weinstein, is hosting the GPACW Conference on November 8 and 9, where I'll be presenting at with my international fellow-traveler TQ, who will arrive from the frozen north. We'll be talking about how we use Web 2.0 technology to help students with bibliographies and gathering information. Come and join us!

I'll be doing a solo thing on October 27 down at USD for the John R. Milton Conference "East Meets (the American) West," where I'll talk about the research I'm doing on electronic games and Native Americans.

Also, I just sent off a proposal for the symposium on "Death, Murder, and Mayhem: Healing and Violence on the Great Plains" in Lincoln, Nebraska, in April. I hope they let me come down there.

Finally, I've gotten some funding from DSU's own Center for Excellence for work on my Native American and games research. Cool.


P. Block said...

Can't wait till Milton. Should be a fun time. I am excited to hear about your research.

I am also excited about heading up to Madison in a few weeks. Might be nice to reacquaint myself with Beedle Hall again...


JN said...

The Milton conference should be a good one. I need to start spreading the word here and try to get some students to come.

Should be good!