Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Conjunction of English Majors

Well, what DO you call a group of English majors? A collaboration? A paragraph? An edition? A collection? We do have a capital group of English majors. They came to our house last night and I think had a very good time, met some professors and other students they hadn't had a chance to talk to yet, and devoured some good eats. Maybe it was the free food that got them here, but they enjoyed each other's company, you could tell. There was evidence, plenty of examples, a fully developed essay full of examples--easy talk, loud talk, game-play, and plenty of laughter. These aren't the greatest pictures, and we missed a few people, but we hope the word spreads that this group deserves an exclamation point.


Dan said...

A great time was had by me, anyway. Thanks for hosting, and for taking a picture of me!

JN said...

Thanks to you, too, Dan, for taking a picture of me! For those who haven't seen them, Dan's got pictures here.