Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Teeny Weeny Halloweeny

It's little troopers that look the cutest for when they're all dolled up in their little costumes begging for candy, and even the little pooches sometimes get caught up in the action, through no fault of their own. Then some people go wacky on the other end of things, getting the stage set at home for the little candy-beggars to arrive. And now, it's a startling thought that some people are already putting up their other holiday decorations. Got your shopping done?


Holli said...

If that Halloweeny house front is yours, that is awesome!
Also, I wonder what toddler dinosaurs prefer: dum-dums or goat meat.

JN said...

The house front wasn't ours. I wonder if they've had time yet to take it all down! It's on Lee Avenue in Madison.

I suspect the dinosaur might enjoy the "body parts" gummi bear candies if she knew they existed.