Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cloudwest Pottery Arrives, Mostly Intact

My brother Jered Nelson is a potter living in the San Francisco region who works for Heath Ceramics and makes his own pots on the side. He just keeps getting better, and his current work is elegant and beautiful, as the photos here show. Our cups, bowls, and salad bowls arrived recently, and though several cups were damaged, most dishes made the trip intact, and they're now finding good use, making our dining experiences even better than before. He'll take orders. Let me know if you're interested or contact him at cloudweststudio at yahoo.com.


P. Block said...

Very cool work, there. The coffee mug looks like one that is robust enough to handle years of use, yet formal enough to be used when company is over. I might just have to see about ordering a set of those.

See you Thursday.


Deana said...

Not to criticize my husband's picture taking. . . but I must say these pictures don't quite do Jerad's pottery justice. The colors do funky things in the shift of light that pictures can't capture. They also feel excellent in the hand. So anyone who is interested should drop by sometime and drink a cup of coffee from a mug and enjoy a dessert in a bowl. No advance notice necessary.