Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Class

Thanksgiving Day decorations aren't up to what appears for Christmas and Halloween, but they're getting there. It's important, if you're going to decorate, however, that you do so with class. Clearly, the first photo, shot clandestinely in the cover of darkness, demonstrates how NOT to present your Thanksgiving spirit to your neighbors. Who wants to look at a giant turkey, his eyes popping out like he's about to meet the ax? Its owners are clearly lacking in the finer sensibilities; one imagines the interior of their homes adorned NASCAR posters, Bud Light neon, a football phone, perhaps even a rug with a college football logo (country music playing in the background).
The second photo illustrates a blow-up lawn ornament offered by those with a much higher degree of taste. Whose spirits wouldn't be lifted by a giant turkey in a pilgrim outfit, his head thrown back in defiance, or perhaps poised as he is just about to leap into the sky to save other hapless turkeys in these dangerous times? Clearly, those within appreciate the finer things in life--good food, fine wines, classical music, a well-tamped cigar.

Finally, a photo that illustrates how, during the holidays, one can appreciate a three-butt kitchen.

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JN said...

On the matter of a person's taste in blow-up yard turkeys, it occurs to me in afterthought that one can also infer a significant difference in the choice of one's acquaintances from the turkey that graces the lawn. On the one hand, the former turkey suggests hangers-on that borrow one's tools and return them broken, that speak ill of one behind one's back, that arrive unannounced to share in one's stash of Bud Light.

On the other hand, the second turkey illustrates a family that associates with only the finer citizenry, those whose character sparkles with kindness and generosity, whose conversation sparkles with wit and wisdom, who welcomes others into their home and offers food and succor willingly.

Ah, for such friends!