Monday, January 21, 2008

Progress Report

It's been some busy days lately, some good times, some work, some travel. You can see here the results of the day's work on the fireplace project. The new header is in, the back wall is up, the interior wall for the alcove is in. With some prodding I took down the old back wall with the doors to the closet and built the new wall all the way to the ceiling. In the last photo all the closets were still intact, but they're gone entirely. We'll have some kind of cabinet behind the wall you see to the right.
In the process we've discovered that the big doorway, the header to which you can see outlined by the light paint in the photo here, was probably framed by a short wall/cabinet that came up about two feet or so, then probably a column coming up from that to the header. Too bad that's gone. You could see the short wall outlined on the floor and on the back of the wall to the right. I just finally quit on the project for the day. It's too late for more.
Things are going well. The header had me worried since I had to decide finally how high to go. It may still change, but I'll just space it out--easy enough.
The worst part of today was trimming back the plaster and lath on the left wall; it was a dust cloud to end all dust clouds, even with the wife holding the shop-vac tube right at the saw blade.
We also discovered the dining room floor we thought was in pretty good shape there has got a light coat of glue. I imagine it will sand down okay if it comes to that.
Enough. Thanks for checking in. I might need encouragement, so drop me a line!

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