Sunday, January 13, 2008

Replacing the Fireplace

We've been busy at our house with yet another remodel project, replacing the fireplace with a good, solid wood stove that will provide some relief from the sudden rise in home heating costs. In the meantime it's a bit of a mess. But Anica, our new foreign-exchange student from Germany, has already proven herself to be helpful as we try to make this improvement. Keep a watch here for progress!


Deana said...

I just noticed the Christmas bow above the fireplace in the one photo. How would it have ended up there?

We found an old Valentine behind the cabinets we took out in the other room, and the secret stash of money in the loose floorboard of the bedroom closet. It is fun to find such lost treasures and to imagine the people who left them there. It is one of the pleasures of owning a very old house.

April said...

As instructed, I've been keeping a watch for progress! How's the fireplace project going? Will there be a new blog sometime soon? I keep checking faithfully and felt it was time to pipe up. Hope all is well there!