Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday and Schmeckfest

Freeman Academy in Freeman, SD, has held a Schmeckfest every year for the past 50 years, and this year we got tickets, so we and the B's, along with our madchen, went down, looked over the cool stuff, and enjoyed their good Mennonite cooking.
They apparently serve about 1000 people each of the four days of the fest, driven mostly by volunteers who collectively raise over $100,000 for the school each year. Impressive!
On the campus is also a good museum, and the fest includes demonstrations of such activities as basket weaving, soap making, and cooking the good, old-timey stuff like poppy-seed rolls, bierocks, and other stuff (like handmade pot holders). There's another opportunity next weekend to check it out. It's worth a drive!


Christina said...

What a great time! I especially like those American Gothic pics. We decided posing for photo-ops in picture cut-outs should become a tradition. Remember the Ingall's family photo? ;)
I agree with you- well worth the trip. Great food, talented craftspeople, and very friendly Mennonites!

JN said...

It was great going down there with you guys; the kuchen was especially good, and little need for the moon roof or "climate change" in the beemer.

Deana said...

My peppernuts are already kaput! Who knows, maybe I'll be making a road trip for more provisions next weekend:)Kuchen anyone?

JN said...

Notice how she says "my peppernuts"? Someone got more than her share! I don't blame her, though. They were tasty!

Christina said...

It seems we have a bag of disappearing Peppernuts too. I resorted to "hiding" what's left of the delicious little cookies next to the cans of veggies in the pantry. You see, I know where my spouse won't look! I think the mention of a Kuchen trip would have the Mr.'s mouth watering... :)