Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zombie vs. Humans at Goucher College

Students are playing a game on the campus of Goucher College in Baltimore where students become either zombies or stay human, and only nerf guns or balled up socks stand between humans and zombie-hood. Check out the article and especially the video here.


Holli said...

Actually, I started a game similar to this in Emry Hall. It was called "Emry at Point Blank" and we used little 4" water guns. There were several rules, such as kills needed to be made between certain hours, you had a hit list of who you had to find and shoot, you had to say a specific sentence before shooting so the person has a chance to duck or block. But you couldn't use the tablet as a shield. :) We did it two or three years when I was a resident and an RA. It was fun.

JN said...

That does sound like fun, though people have gotten more touchy about any reference to guns, even the nerfy or squirty kinds. Balled-up socks, though, should still pass muster.